Rear Disc Conversion


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Mar 29, 2020
yuma, az
So I already did the 5 lug conversion on my 87 mustang, and I wanna convert the rear drums to disc brakes. Does anybody have any good recommendations on any good affordable kits to do it, or a parts list i should buy to get it done.
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Apr 3, 2009
You'll need mms brackets,a pair of calipers with brackets,soft lines,hard lines( easier than adapters)rotors,and pads. I believe you have five lug axles ? Now comes the part where some say you can keep stock booster/master and proportion valve, I say get new like 95 booster,master,and if you can get to a junk yard 94/95 mustang you can gut it's proportion valve and use that in yours.You do have a choice in rotors( size,vented,ect.)if you go cobra 11.65 inch vented rotors you'll need cobra caliperbrckets.

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Feb 10, 2019
United States
Check out MPS Auto Salvage on Ebay. They are a Mustang-specific salvage yard in GA. They offer complete rear disc brake conversion kits. I've purchased Cobra front brake conversions, an IRS, and a complete 8.8 rear end from them. I've used all of those parts on my autocross cars for years and I've been very happy.


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Jun 14, 2004
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I'm about to dump all my GT parts soon if Summit ever ships out my Cobra brakes. Have a Master cylinder, booster, slotted rear rotors, matching Hawk pads, and the caliper brackets. You'll need to get calipers I can't guarantee the condition of the master cylinder and booster, since it has been out of the car since I put the manual brakes in years ago. Let me know if you are interested. Got the front brakes around here somewhere too with new calipers. Probably a little rusty, and those rotors aren't slotted. You'll need SN95 spindles and bearings.

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