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  1. Alldegree

    Resolved Question about Matt Farah’s Foxbody

    Greetings ladies and gentlemen, it’s been too long! I was watching this video of Matt Farah’s car and he mentioned that the Ford Performance crate engine he had in it was making 350 HP with a mild cam, Mac headers, a set of GT40X cylinder heads, and an explorer intake. I looked on Ford’s...
  2. H

    SOLD Trick Flow 351w R series EFI manifold upper and lower NEW In BOX NEVER installed

    $1000 for the both Greetings, I have decided to go a different route on my 408W and have decided to offer for sale my intake manifold. I have been sitting on this thing for quite some time. I will not be separating the upper and lower. Please DO NOT contact me asking me to do this. I know...
  3. fastang67

    For Sale 91 Mustang LX 5.0 Coupe 6-speed

    I built this car 20 years ago with intentions to auto cross but I paused it to start a family. 302 bored 0.040 over Kieth Black pistons, Ported Twisted wedge heads and Cobra intake, 24lb injectors, ECM Chip E303 Cam, electric water pump, dual fans (needs to be finished) MSD 6AL ignition...
  4. S

    Foxbody steering wheel

    I’m looking for ideas on what type of steering wheel to get. I’d like to find one that will fit in my 88 Fox that has radio controls. Newer cars have way nicer wheels aesthetically and feel. There might not be anything that I can use that has radio controls already built in. I can figure out the...
  5. TonyMano

    Resolved I need a guide installing a GT40P Cylinder Heads and 97 Explorer Upper/Lower Intake

    I have a 1990 Mustang LX 5.0 | All motor component is stock besides having a mild cam. When I am installing the intakes and cylinder heads, I want to know which part will be a bottleneck and which is fine. I also want a clear instruction on how to removing the stock intake and heads.
  6. FastDriver

    What's it Worth? Black OEM Tweed Seats in good condition from '91 fox

    No idea where to list them at so I'll start this thread here until I get an idea of a good asking price. So, what are these worth? I'm in vicinity of Fort Bragg/Liberty, NC. Driver's Seat: Passenger Seat: Note - I have rewelded and painted where one side of one of the brackets...
  7. Jonatan Issa

    Electrical Power but not sound 93 fox

    I have a 1993 mustang, can anyone help me how to bypass the amp.
  8. carDaniel15

    Fox 87-93 LX Notchback Fox Body Front End Swap requirements?

    So I have been thinking about getting a Fox Body Mustang and like the rear end of the Notchback more then the hatchback but I prefer the GT Front End As I like how clean it is. What are the requirements for changing the front end? Is it a straight Bolt-On? Does It require any fabrication?
  9. J

    pf body floor plug and grommet utility?

    hi . im about to replace my floor pan and i want to know what is the floor plug drain and grommet utiliy.
  10. 8

    Engine Trouble starting

    I’m having problems with getting my new 87 5.0 lx to run properly and as well as when trying to start it I have to loosen the distributor and turn the timing up and down while the car is cranking to get it to start, once it does start and I set the timing to 10 degrees btc it’s runs good till it...
  11. J

    Electrical what speed sensor eletrical wire is for?

    hi . i have a 89 5.0 with no mass air flow sensor t5 and the electrical wire of my speed sensor is cut , what is the purpose of these wire? ty
  12. J

    fox body 1989 rpm not working

    hi . i have a 89 gt and my tachometer needle go down when i start the car. sometime she start bouncing but she don't react to my idle . when a stop the car she return to is place .i refresh the weld behind the tachometer and i clean all the contact behing the cluster. last years the needle was...
  13. DemonGT

    What's it Worth? PMAS meter?

    Iv got a older PMAS 85mm mass air meter with adapter and air filter. Whats the going rate for something like this?
  14. J

    What's it Worth? 93 coupe turbo

    93 LX coupe. I Daily drove it for a couple years before it went into paint. Nice car. 2.3L out of an SVO Mustang. Mild mods to a fully rebuilt stock engine (BNIB Ford replacement 020 pistons, etc). Has roughly 11,000 mi on the rebuild. Runs great. 5 speed manual. It is actually a V6...
  15. opihinalu

    Exhaust How to get lower exhaust flange nut on?

    I am trying to mount my x pipe onto my new headers and the passenger side lower stud is giving me trouble. I just can’t get it in the hole and when I do it is just the tip where there are no threads. here’s a pic of what I am talking about: Also what is this supposed to connect to?
  16. B

    90 LX Front wheel offset…

    Hello, Doing ground up resto on a 90LX. Always wanted 03 cobra wheels. Have the SN 95 swap to cobra brakes with 96+ spindles. PA racing k member and control arms with SVE coil overs. After watching KASL customs video on 18 “ wheels on a fox, I decided to get a set of 18x9 03 cobra wheels. Now...
  17. M

    Please Help, Experiencing Foxbody Issues

    I recently purchased a 1990 v8 5.0 GT mustang and the engine fluctuates from about 800rpm-2500rpm when in neutral, high idle. We replaced the o2 sensors, the EGR valve, cleaned the air filter, and replaced the air flow sensor. It now doesn't idle as high, fluctuating from around 750rpm-1500 rpm...
  18. IMG_20210223_124757_323.jpg


  19. opihinalu

    Exhaust Are these headers usable?

    Bought a set of headers used from some guy. There seems to be a little damage around the collectors. Will this damage affect the seal? Sorry if the pictures are bad.
  20. opihinalu

    Interior and Upholstery No air coming out of vents.

    Today I installed a new AC compressor clutch because my AC doesn't work. The clutch now engages which I am happy about, but there is no air coming out of the vents, even though I can hear it blowing while sitting inside the car. Any thoughts?