Rear Disc Help

I am converting from 4 to 5 lug and also going to rear disc. I got the front and rear disc set up off of a 95 GT and also bought a booster, master cylinder and proportioning valve off of a 94-98 GT (not sure exactly what year). My question is can I use the booster, mc and prop valve on my car with out any modifications or do I need to something else to make this work. I have read a few articles on line but they just talk about what you need to do if your using the same mc or a different prop valve.....Thanks in advance.
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Just look at Matt's website for most of your answers. Probably quicker than emailing him:

To get the correct braking for your car you really need to go with an adjustable PV and gut the stock one. The SN95 PV is biased to the weight of the SN95 cars, and is not correct for the Fox cars. You can get the adj PV and the plug for the stock PV after you gut it for about $60-70 total......pretty cheap to make sure your car stops right, especially in the rain.

You can use the SN95 stock PV (gutted) if you have the fittings (and even maybe the dr side line) with it instead of getting the 3 to 2 port conversion kit. It routes the dr side line to the back of the PV instead of directly into the MC like on the stupid Fox design.

Good luck and welcome to Stangnet!
What year is your car? Reason i'm asking is, pre 93(if i remember correctly) you'll need to beat on the strut tower a little to fit the 95 booster(you'll also need to elongate one hole to except the boosters studs). Also keep in mind the 95's nuts are a different size, your stockers won't keep those. On a 93 i did the booster had just enough room to clear without a bfh. I also used the 95's master. Just gut your stock prop valve and plug like Matts sits says and get an adjustable unit. Matt was a big help when i did my conversion..his 3-2 port conversion worked great. Also got some fittings off him and he modified my e brake handle for me too.