Rear End Compatibility?


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Oct 7, 2015
Replacing the rear end in my 2001 (sticking with stock), which ones are "bolt in" compatible? Finding a rear end that does not need rebuilding for this car is too much. Wanting to replace it with one from a newer model mustang and don't know which ones are compatible. I could use some helpful suggestions? Please make note I only want "bolt in" (no modifications), HELP!
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Why do you want to replace it stock for stock? when you can rebuild it for a 1/2 of the cost. its literally 2 splines, a differential, rear end and gears. What is wrong with your current rear-end that it needs replacing? not trying to be a d***, just curious.

a complete rear end is about 1500 to 2000, a rearend rebuild kit is 1000.
I don't know what I'm doing to rebuild it. The few people I have talked to gave me this long story and huge price to rebuild it. If it is bolt on, well that I CAN DO. The rear end has A LOT of play and roars when rolling. I have replaced the U joints so I know that wasn't the problem.
The thing is the rear end is pretty damn strong, I am not really sure your plan to replace is really justified. I am just saying a lot of play is probably being caused to whatever is hooking up to your rear end. I would investigate worn springs, worn shocks, replacing quad shocks (if you so desire), and the lower control arms. However removing the quad shocks and replacing it with a torque arm and panhard bar will really tighten up your rear end. trust me on that.

As for the rolling noise, is that your rear end gears grinding? replacing your gears with a set of 3.73 or 4.10's will fix that. that should be about $400-$600 depending if you do it yourself, or get a professional to do it. then you need to get a new little gear to install to adjust your speedo in a manual, or a tuner to reprogram the speedo in an automatic. of course you can save money by not doing either of those options and just replace your existing gear set in your differential.

replacing a gear set is tricky so i would recommend a pro install that. but if you want to spend a small fortune to install your own complete rear end with the gears already installed, simple hand tools and a weekend of your time, you can do it yourself. just my 2 cents:) good luck!
Hear that? That's my bubble bursting. I didn't think about all you mentioned. Last rear end I replaced was in a '66 mustang. It was pretty easy. The car roars a little when rolling down the road. Roars louder when you go faster. Stops roaring when you start a turn (regardless of speed). Starts back when you straighten out. Found play when I replaced the brakes on both sides. This is a daily driver and not a project car so I was going for the cheapest way possible, while using my limited knowledge on recent vehicles. Your suggestions are very helpful and they give me something to think about.