Rear Wheel Horsepower Calculator


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Jun 13, 2007
Those of you who've run a 1/4 mile and have the vehicle weight with driver can have a bit of fun trying this one out. If possible, compare the result to an actual dyno run:

Mine comes out at 266.7rwhp with overdrive switched off but if I plug in my best 1/4 mile with overdrive switched on (102.87mph), I get 248.5rwhp which is close to my actual dyno run of 243.5rwhp.

If I plug in the numbers (3620lb & 94.4mph) for my 4.6L Stroker Jeep Cherokee I get 202.1rwhp and my actual dyno run was 201.7rwhp!!
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Yeah, drive down the drag strip and keep your foot down. When your car comes to a stop from smashing into a storage building holler and I'll come pull you out ;)

It's a lot of fun when the Nationals are here. I can hear the car's run down the track. Then a few seconds later it is on TV. So I can hear what happened before I watch it.
Last track I went to was 2700' elevation (Firebird in Boise, ID) and my best 1/4 mile run (13.81sec) results in a calculated 262rwhp assuming 3500lbs race weight.
That was running with no supercharger, smaller injectors, smaller MAF sensor housing, etc.

Haven't been to the track with my current supercharged setup dyno'd at 380rwph.
Both tracks in Phoenix are closed :(
Looking forward to racing at Wild Horse Motorsports Park with 1082' elevation when they open.

Note to self: buy new helmet and new drag radials :D