Recommended Gauges


Aug 3, 2006
I have a 07 GT with a Saleen supercharger and I'm finally getting around to adding gauges. Any recommendations on what the most important things are to monitor? I have 1 aeroforce interceptor gauge, so theoretically, I can add boost, AFR, fuel, or oil pressure monitoring to it as well.

I'm primarily looking for monitoring to make sure the engine is running well on a day to day basis, not so much for racing, etc.

What are the top 2 or 3 things you would monitor?
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1. Boost
2. A/F Ratio
3. Oil Pressure

Those are some very critical things to monitor when you've got an FI setup. You can always add more though!

Never hurts to have more real-time information on your car

Nick C.

Thanks Nick.

How bad is the idiot gauge oil pressure indicator?

Also, you would say oil pressure before fuel pressure? I assume that is because you are recommending A/F. And what exactly do I look for in the boost for a problem? Just abnormal behavior?

If you have an A/F you'll have a decent idea (Lean vs. Rich) what your fuel pressure or tune is like.

Plus, you won't make it too far with no oil pressure.

If your boost gauge sits at zero, it's either wired wrong or you've got an issue.

I feel like people prefer A/F gauges because they are so cool looking lol

Nick C.