Red Foxes with Drag Lites

I'm about ready to trade my Black 93 Cobra rims for some drag lites and would like to see how they look on a red fox.

So could you guys post up some pics with them on a red fox, especially if the tires have raised white letters....thanks :D
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I'm a couple weeks late but here ya go bro





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Haha, man.. I just took a ton of pics of my car from FFW in orlando. And was going to post a few on here. but I saved them all on my laptop for work. probably try tommorow.. Red GT, Lowered on Draglights 3.5's in the front, and 15x8 in the back.. looks pretty good from what I hear

i don't see what so special looking about these wheels as far as looks they are hidious probably the ugliest wheels i have seen on a fox but if they serve a purpose for being a light wheel for drag racing thats another story.i would stick with the cobras