Redesign the OEM air box??

Right now I have an 11" K&N cone on the end of my 94/95 MAF and it works fine with no noticible problems from prop wash, etc. I put the cone filter on there back in 1991 before I put the car into storage where it has been until just recently. So looking at things with 18 years worth of technology change and hindsight, the ability to inhale hot engine compartment air doesn't seem like a good idea...not that it ever was.

I picked up an OEM air box and for my N/A car with 1.72rr/shorties/flows I'm going to install it with a foam air filter shortly. My plans for the future include installing the Explorer GT-40 heads I have in my basement along with an Explorer intake and call it a day. At this point I may or may not be maxing out the OEM air box but I doubt it.

In the past 10 years I have been into motorcycles and what a M/C engine likes is to inhale from a large body of still, cold air and as a result M/C air box sizes have grown in relation to horsepower outputs. Most M/C air boxes try to place the air filters as far away from the throttle bodies as possible to maximize the pool of air effect.

So I am looking at the OEM air box and trying to figure out how to make the most of it by modifying it's design to increase the pool of air between the filter and MAF. I don't want to bother with any of those "cold air" intakes since the OEM air box is already a cold-air intake.

Has anyone thought about this before? I figure I should be able to fabricate a large air box around a velocity stack mated to the MAF and some fiberglass work. Think this is worth the effort?
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