Redline Hood Struts Question ...


Dec 15, 2005
Ok, I have decided to make my own set of hood struts. I think that the Redline struts are about the same size as the trunk struts. Would any of you that have the Redline struts installed be willing to measure their legnth, fully extended, for me? The stock trunk ones are 19 inches roughly and my guess is that the Redlines are roughly 20 inches. If this is the case, I see no reason why I can't use my trunk struts for the hood. Brackets are sold at auto zone! I will take pics as I do it but I need to know the strut legnth. I know that other companies that make these for our cars like MRT use struts that are smaller (13 inches I think) which are the stock size of Grand Marquis hood struts. Someone hook me up with some measurements :)
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