Refinishing 78 Coupe Interior


Dec 5, 2009
Hey guys!

New here, so I'll start with some basic questions on tasks that I can do through winter.

I have a white Coupe, with the bright red interior. I want to refinish it, so I'm starting with the plastic trim panels. Has anyone ever found a plastic paint that matches that red?

Also, If you know of any carpet dye or actual sprayable paint dye (not aerosol) that matches the red I'd be happy to hear about it!

Thanks guys!

- Brandon
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My '78 CBII with red interior and '78 Ghia with chamois interior both seem to have a mix of different colored. panels. The red has some panels that are darker red and some that are brighter red. The chamois interior has some panels that are gold and some that are chamois.

I have not started restoring either, but I did buy a selection of gold, tan, and chamois paints from SEM, along with their primer and prep products. This company has a good reputation among restorers, and sells color matched paints for earlier Mustangs.

Ford is pretty conservative when creating new colors, so I think that their bright red interior color from 1973 is probably the same color as that used in 1978.

I have not heard of a liquid dye for restoring carpet. Oddly enough, I do recall a message from one MII owner that used the upholstery "dye" on his carpet after a thorough cleaning. He used a comb to spread the color evenly through the carpet and reported that it covered well and was not stiff like you might expect. Your mileage may vary... :shrug:
Hmm ok. I think I'll take a look at SEM's lineup and see what I can find, they're products are very reliable.

I saw stockinteriors and bookmarked them, because I'll probably need to replace it anyways. I'm trying to figure my small mechanical and electrical first, since this is just my beater/daily for now, but I dont like rollin in a hooptie haha.

Does anyone have shots of the red interior? That'd help alot to see what panels are shaded different. And it could just be from sunfade. I noticed my warrior has maroon, but some panels are purple from the sun.

Thanks so far guys!

- Brandon
Convenient...when I opened the page there was a Stock Interiors ad there! I clicked and looked at the carpets. Its not clear to me whether you need "red" or "bright red". They will send samples.

There are some interior pics on the site. If you can't find anything detailed enough, you will likely need to start taking the interior apart and looking for color in areas hidden from the sun. Take a snip from each location and use that as your color guide.

There's a thread on the .NET site regarding carpet...apparently SI gets their carpet from ACC, and ACC has had cases where they have trimmed their MII carpets too narrow from side-to-side. The recomendation in the thread was to ask SI for "untrimmed" carpet, which causes a bit more install work but insures you have enough carpet to get under the sill plates. If SI doesn't know what you are talking about, order from Scott at

The MII red interior is loving referred to as "porno red" by some folks! ;)
The "Red" interior offered in '74 & '75 is a much darker shade than the "Bright Red" offered in '76-78. Some people confuse the older red with the '75-76 Cranberry, which is a bit more purple in person. I think the Bright Red is going to be what you need.
The seats are the 78 MII low back buckets.

Just secure the headrest in the up position, fill the space and have the seats custom reupholstered .

Heres the low down on the vinyl color.

Dupont Vinyl Color

44200V H

Code: 40756

Lt. Red Med. Gloss

Note: This was in 1998, 12 years ago now.

I cleaned all the interior parts with a scrub brush, soap and water.

Next, clean all the parts again with plastic prep to remove all the grease.

Spray a lite coat of flexiable bonding clear and let it dry 10-15 min.

The Vinyl color is direct spray. No mixing needed.

I sprayed all the interior parts that are red except for the headliner, seats and carpet.

I also sprayed my Vinyl top. I couldn't get a cover in red. I had to get white.
That's good info to have!

I'll call them and see if they've changed the part number or still can reference it, which I'm sure it's changed by now lol.

Thanks again!

- Brandon