removal and installation of steering column

I need to change the steering column on my 87 vert (due to a theft). I have never done this before so I was wondering if anyone could give me some insight, how to's, pitfalls to avoid or just advice on doing this. The new column is out of a 98 stang. No air bag. I want to do it so everything still works like the cruise control and whatever.

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It is really pretty straight forward.

Remove all the plastic trim peices around the wheel and unplug the wiring.

Then remove the plastic panels under the column from the dash.

Then unbolt the steering shaft connection.

Then there are a couple of bolts with a brace that hold the column up under the dash.

Then the whole thing pulls out from the inside.

It's really not too hard.

I'm not too sure about the 98 one working though.
buddy, I got one off my old 87 vertgt in perfect working order. it has the key for it too. I can have shipped today for you for $75.00 call me gabe at 773 443 7822 if interested.

If I get calls from people breathing hard on phone I will realize leaving my number out like this was a bad idea-lol. thanx