remove rear seat anyone?

I'm a tall guy, and because of that, my seats are very far back and when I get my new seats, I'm having them mounted even further back, what I'm wondering is, Have any of you taken out the back seat to build a luggage rack or something of the like? not sure what I'm going to do with it. I also have to put in a rollcage so it's gonna be kinda hard to get back there anyway. Any pictures would help a lot in my decision on my designs.
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kind of rude to the girls . . .

67302, what are you going to do with girls #2 and #3? :cheers: :jester:

It's kind of rude to make them sit on top of each other, and even worse to put them on the luggage rack. And that roll bar could be dangerous. :D
Not trying to talk you out of removing the back seat--just passing on my experience. I reall don't think that you will need to put the seat back as far as you believe.

I'm 6'3" tall and my Stang has a 4 speed. It was really difficult to speed shift with my knee hitting both the pony interior door handle (65 style) and the steering wheel.

I dropped my seat pan about an inch and added a bar that allowed me to set the seat back either 2" or 3" (adjustable.) When the stock seats were mounted with 2" additional adjustment, my left leg is fully extended (straight-legged) when engaging the clutch--I certainly don't need the available 3" position. There is still about 4-5" of room between the back of the driver's seat and the back seat.

To allow even more room for my left knee, I replaced the pony door handle with a handle from a standard interior mustang.

Something else to consider if you have a stick is that the shifter remains in the same position so your right arm must extend far enough to hit the forward gears. Again, with my seat set back 2", I am just on the verge of not having enough reach.
I have seen a coupe or two with the rear seats removed and stereo equipment installed (magazine and shows, so they were well-done). You could do something similar, or put in a tool kit/fire ext/whatever other gadget would suit your interest and the theme of your car, building a nice "cabinet" to close off the trunk.
I want it to look clean and I don't want to show off my stereo, I like there to be a few things left to suprise onlookers. I am going to mount a fire extinguisher back there, and I've found just the right tie downs for it as cargo area. I may even make the area where the back of the seat was a fold down area with tools mounted there hidden. Thanks for the idea, that is why I posted this thread, to get more ideas for my project. Also thinking of mounting a California Special think in the center since this car was mine in California. and if you guys think this is a crazy project, you should see what I have planned for my computer and my center console.