Removing the HVAC unit


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Mar 12, 2000
Louisville, KY
I am completely replacing the AC unit on my 90 GT.
I had to many bad leaking parts to try a repair, so
I'm replacing everything. The only thing I have had a
problem with, was removing the liquid line from the evaporator
unit. It just won't come out, I've tried everything, so now
I'm thinking I'm just going to replace it. Everything would be
new. So how hard is it to get the dash out, and pull the
HVAC unit. The only thing left to remove is the heater hoses
from under the dash. Once I have it out I'm going to replace the
evaporator unit, heater core, and fan motor.
Has anyone done this, and what should I look out for?
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Lots and lots of screws. Don't be suprised if you have a few left over when your done. A cordless drill with an bit set would cut time in half. I did mine at home, so I was using junk tools which were all hand tools, it took a while. I was deleting the HVAC unit so it was a lot quicker back in, I did it a month later.