Reoccurring squeak/chirping noise coming from rear.


New Member
Jan 26, 2020

I've been having this strange issue with my 2002 Mustang GT (114k miles) for several years now.

I keep getting a chirp/squeak from what sounds like the rear of the car. It does not do it when idling, it can be heard driving around in parking lots or going over bumps and sometimes even turns. The noise started several years ago when I bought the car and went away after I changed the brakes and rotors, but came back only a few days later. It is probably also worth mentioning that the brake master cylinder had to be replaced because it was causing the calipers to stick on all four sides, so I'm wondering if something could have been bent from all the heat (I don't know what areas I should check for that kind of damage though.) I do see a lot of people with SN95's complaining about this same sound, but I haven't found any solutions. I've tried bouncing the car to see if I hear the noise and I do not hear it, and the sound does not go away with brake application.

I really love this car a lot and it's pretty disheartening having to constantly work on the same issue over and over again. I would appreciate it so so so much for any advice/help. Thank you!!!
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