Replace Power Seat With Manual?


Apr 5, 2010
Hi all. The power (driver's) seat in my '96 Cobra has stopped working. I never wanted a power seat anyway, and I'd just as soon rip that junk out and replace it with a manual sled. Maybe lengthen the tracks at the same time.

Can anyone weigh in on the feasibility of doing this?


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I would think a manual seat track from a base mustang would bolt right in. That would be a very easy and inexpensive solution if it works, so I would say it is worth a try. As for extending, I am not sure. Maybe the best option is to mount the seat further back on the slider mechanism.
I am thinking the manual seats don't have a height adjustment for that period. I know my 88 mustang didn't. I don't recall the v6 mustangs I've been in having a height adjustment either.
I did this on my 95. Took a passenger side manual seat bracket and put it on. Only thing is the adjuster was on the side with the trans tunnel. I sat a little lower with it. All you have is forward and backwards on the adjustment.
I did it on my 97 gt when the power seat stopped working. got my tracks out of a 98. there is not a height adjustment and you do sit just a tad lower but nothing unreasonable