Replacing the Shaker 500 Headunit


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Feb 8, 2010
Miami, OK
After looking for several ways to go about replacing my Shaker 500 headunit in a 07 GT with a Clarion VX409 DVD/Ipod/CD player. The EASIEST way to do this is by purchasing a 'Peripheral FORDAH' wiring harness. This thing plugs directly into the factory wiring harness', there are three. Then you simply sauder or crimp the appropriate ends to the new units harness, such as the speaker wires, power, ground, remote amp turn on, etc. The harness also compensates for the 12V to 5V change for the factory amps powering the door subs thus illiminating the need for extra work. Took me about an hour and a half from total time to remove and install everything. The harness runs about 100 -120.00 from crutchfield or your favorite stereo store but you can get them off of ebay for about 50-75.00. I am not positive this will work with the Shaker 1000 but I'd bet it would. There will be some wires that you will not use, I think there were four left over. These are for rear entertainment controls for some SUV's.
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Hello. I have a Shaker 500 in my '07 Saleen H281 convertible. The auxiliary jack in my center console used to play tunes from my Ipod, but it quit working. My local Ford dealer was of no help. I finally tore it apart and found that the plug/connectors & wiring have issues and all need to be replaced. I saw a car recently where the person had their iPod velcro'd to the dash and the wire slipped in between the sterero and the dash. It actually looked pretty clean. It allowed them to change songs from their iPod (without having to open the center console while driving), and it kept the iPod charged. Since I am faced with having to pull my Shaker 500 and replace my wiring harness & connectors, I am considering this option since it should be less expensive and actually more functional. Anyone know how to: a.) pull out the Shaker 500, and b.) know if someone sells a connector that goes from the back of the Shaker 500 and plugs into the bottom of my iPod to keep it charged and play music through the system? Many thanks!