return fuel line on motor swap


New Member
Nov 2, 2004
Just finished putting in a 03 mach 1 engine and tranny into my 98gt. I started to attach all the lines and realized i have a return fuel line on the 98 and the mach 1 motor is returnless:mad: Yet another obstical to overcome. Any ideas? Can the fuel line from the gt motor replace the mach 1 fuel line? Are there any after market set ups?
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Founding Member
Oct 30, 1999
as far as the fuel rails,ones from a 96-98 cobra should work.may need the coil packs and computer from one also. if you are using the computer from the mach,then you have to change the fuel pump and just eliminate the return line. most people would prefer the return style. there is probably a lot more things you will need to work out also on the swap,fuel rail is the tip of the iceberg. not a plug and play swap. GL