Ride Quality - "Air Ride" vs Coil over


New Member
Jun 27, 2005
South Louisiana
I'm getting close to letting go of my LX due to the ride quality. No one wants to ride with me. I recently installed new Bilsteins and CC plates with no improvement. The car was lowered with "C" springs before I bought it.

Which of the two will yeild the best ride quality?
Air Ride or a coil over with low springs rates?

Anyone with experience or knowledge please chime in.
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install full length subframe connectors. That will tighten up the chassis a lot. Also, buy a set of FRPP front a-arms. They have better bushings and balljoints. Doing that made a hugh difference on my car.
Switch back to a nice set of 15" rims. The taller sidewalls do make a big difference, as well, as opposed to running 16's or 17's. Besides, it's a perfect excuse to spring for a set of Draglites and some skinny and fatty Mickey Thompsons... :D