Right Tail Ligh Dead

Hey guys,

My right rear light is basically dead. I replaced the light bubl, cleaned the connection, and changed my brake switch and still nothing. After I did all this I started checking for current. I found the wire (orange/blue) coming out of the steering column and tested it, nothing. My left tail light works jsut fine, but nothing on the right works. Any ideas?

Thanks all.
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Feb 24, 2004
West Texas
The power for the tailliamps doesn't come from the steering column connector. That is for the brake/signal.

If one taillamp works, then the power from the light switch (black wire) is ok.

Trace the black wire from the left taillamp (which you say works) to the right taillamp. Its probably the socket where the bulb goes in. Sometimes the little springs inside get weak from rust and heat. Check for power, clean the contacts, make sure the bulb is making a good connection.

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Mar 17, 2002
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The Orange/Blue wire carries the Turnsignal and Brakelight, not the tail light. There is a solid black wire that carries the taillights. The bulb itself is grounded to the socket and housing.

If you were checking for current on the Orange/Blue, you shouldn't get a reading unless you had your foot on the brake or had the turn signal lever in position.

Try using a volt/amp meter on the rubber boot (make sure to have a good ground - because the ground is in the socket). One of the posts should give you a constant reading when the lights are on, the other post should give you an intermittent signal when the turnsignal is in use. If your not getting current here, you have a short between the right taillight and the left taillight - I would start by checking the bullet connection at the license plate bulb.

My guess is that the rubber boot that fits on the socket is old and worn and just won't maintain a connection with the light socket. Any supplier can sell you a new boot, and the installation is just two bullet connections.

Or you could do what I did and drill out your taillight housings and install hardwired taillight pigtails - no more loosing taillight connections everytime you move something in the trunk.

Hope that helps.