Rockes Arms and Cam Question


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Oct 19, 2003
I am getting a Cobra intake and I was thinking about getting new rocker arms and a high performance cam. What rockers arms and cam will give me alot of hp/Tq and still be a good daily drive and won't kill my wallet. How much money am I looking at and what kind of Hp/Tq am I going to get?
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I would just make a plan for your car and then buy parts that fit that plan. I wanted some AFR's, so I didn't go out and buy some GT-40's just because I wanted decent performance at that instant. Save your money for what you really want. A cam won't do a whole lot on stock heads. A mild cam might help a little now, but then once you buy heads, you'll have to buy a more aggressive cam. It's your choice though.

I don't have AFR's, yet. I'm ordering them this Friday. I'm away at school full time too so I hear ya about the money issue. My advice would be to just save a little longer....that's what I'm doing. I just work at much as I can during breaks and during the summer.