rose cup races


That's the fastest $400 car out there
Jan 9, 2003
alright everyone who cares the 29-1 may and june is the rose cup races here in portland at P.I.R.
and yes i will be racing in them. in group H. thursday afternoon i have a practice friday morning i have a qualifing sesion and saturday early afternoon is my race. come out and watch. as of right now i will go out at 1:50 thurs, 9:10 of fri, and 12:35 is the race on saturday. if you guys want to see how slow 100mph really is come and watch my run group. i am in one of the slowest classes in the group. there will be a 600+hp C6z06 of track with me along with modded gt3s and even an RSR.
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well it looks like im on pole for my class for tomorrows race at 12:30. im only 15 seconds a lap slower then the fastest qualifier. thats about 13 mph ave difference. im at 74.4mph ave and hes at 86.9. he almost lapped me 2 times durring qualifing but he lost control and flew across the track behind me. i have the incar video for practice up now on you tube and qualifing going up in a few mins. scooby2point8doo is the name.
Great job Eric!

I'm glad I was there to see it and hang out in Victory Lane.:nice:

Here's a few pics. I'll e-mail the full sized versions.




yes it was him he ran a 1:25 in qualifying and fastest in the race was a 1:27.8 i guess going backwards in the grass at 80 towards a wall slows most people down the next time they are on track