Rough Ride


Mar 30, 2005
Hey guys i need your input again..You know i have wondered this for a while now but among all the other issues with my car i havent much addressed it. I have Eibach Pro-line springs with 17" cobra rims.These are the same springs i had on my last GT which was a 1994 GT hard top. It is really irratating that no matter where i go or what speed i drive, i have a horrible ride quality. :fuss: It is just ridiculously stiff and whenever i hit a bump in the road, no matter how big or small, everything inside the car is just loud and it feels like its just going to fall apart. :mad: It almost sounds like the interior of the car is all loose I.E...(The dash, door panels, rear plastic where the speakers are, etc,etc.) It's just a very violent, rough ride. Another thing is when i hit bumps it sounds horrible in the front end of the car..Just a loud banging coming from the front wheel-well area's. Like i said i can feel every bump and crack in the road. Nobody even likes riding in my car because its so uncomfortable. I dont think its just the springs because i had the same set in my 94 and the ride quality wasnt nearly as bad. Sadly, I almost hate getting in my car to drive it every day and i have seriously been considering selling it. Please give me a reason not to.

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Nothing worse than a buckboard ride....hate that chit myself....Sounds like its either bottoming out or your bushings all around are spanked???
Did the other car ride like ass with those springs ???
What shape are the shocks in??? that would be the first thing I would look at.....I ran new OEM take-off shocks/struts, lowered, and the thing was mint....with 17" Cobra's and it rode like new....I had subs and such to....
Just some thoughts....