Roush Stage One Install


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Oct 24, 2004
Hey all, I've been seriously debating installing the Roush body kit and exhaust on my 05 GT, but all the places I've spoken with are quoting me high prices for the install. I'm debating a self-install, and the directions from Roush don't look that hard, but has anyone gone through this first hand? What about the Roush exhaust, has anyone installed it on their car? Is it an easy bolt-on or is it more involved?

Thanks for the help in advance, I appreciate it!
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anywhere from 450-650 for the install. The majority of body work I think I can do myself. I agree that the back end is probably the most problematic (or perhaps the spoiler), but I can't think it's that hard?? How much did install run you?
I should have clarified - no the parts aren't painted. Paint will run about 500-550, so paint and install is around 1100. In looking at this, I figure I could install myself and save half that cost. That is, if it isn't too hard to do. I'm thinking the hardest thing would be cutting out the rear end for those Roush cutouts, but I am thinking I might even skip over that step since I have a black mustang. You probably wouldn't even notice if they were there or not...