New Member
Jun 14, 2004
Lovington, IL
Hey guys i am new to the forums. I have a 95 Cobra with cold air intake and 70mm throttle body and i am loosing power at 4700 rpms WTH lol i have no clue why i am not the best with them but i could use some help i have a new manafold to go on and also headers but before i do that i need
to know how to fix this problem. THanks everyone hope to get some info.
When i hit 4700 rpms it just feals like i just had a trailer attached to me and
i am pulling something if i try to hold it out it just kind of sputters at me i
had a new fuel filter put in and nothing changed. thats all i can tell u guys right now untill i get some more info. Later
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