Run in period for exhaust swap

I am about to take the plunge and get the FRPP M-5230-5GTs and M-5251 - R X Pipe added to my 2008 GT. I have a quick question. I know on a lot of before and after videos there are comments about how the sound is not that different. I heard that it takes a couple of thousand miles for an exhaust system to be run in and reach it's full sound potential. Is that true of the M-5230-5GT (Stingers) also? If so is there a big difference?
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I haven't done this with my mustang, but I did with my Metro. It has a full 2" exhaust with two glasspacks. At first it was much louder than my old stock setup, but as I drove it, and carbon deposits etc were made, it mellowed out. It just got slightly less loud and deeper in tone.
I would assume that the stingers would be about the same. Anybody have direct exp with the stingers 'mellowing' out?
I friend of mine told me that he installed some Magnaflows on his '74 Dodge Dart and he was told by the guy that installed them that they would get louder after a few thousand miles. He has confirmed this was the case. So, I wondered if the Stingers did the same.