running like $%&& 93 LX


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Nov 16, 2006
milton, wv
I have 93 LX trick flow heads, msd 6a box, BBK SSI intake, accell dist. 255lph fuel pump, 24lb MAF. The problem that I am having is that I had a chip put in the computer and had a new computer put in. The car ran great for about 40 miles. I had an alignment done and when they started the car it acts like it just wont run. It is running very rich and when you give it gas it acts like it wants to quit. I thought maybe the MAF sensor so I checked it, A&B checked 10.8 Volts and C&D checked - 1.1 Volts, I figured that was because of how crappy it is running. I checked all the grounds and brought the chip back to the compay and they said it was fine. I already burned up one computer. Does anyone might know what is causing this. It seems to run a little smoother the more you drive it too.
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what do u mean u put a chip in it? was it a mail chip? if so, ditch the chip like mentioned above and try it. with your mods, u should probably only do a custom chip and dyno. You dont even need a chip. Pull the chip and see how she runs dude.
also, what is a t-5 tko trans that is listed in your sig?
sorry sbout the tremec tko writing, it is just a tremec 5 speed. I just got the car back from big wood racing where I had it dyno tuned and they put a piggy back chip in it. I took the chip back and they re-flashed it, so the chip is good. It ran like a bat out of hell when I left their shop for a while, then it just started running like crud, that fast. It wont hardly idle, and when you give it gas it seems as though it wants to quit. I thought maybe the computer was bad, but it is new, or something is burning them up. I also thought that it may be in the wiring harness. timing is at 12 degrees, fuel pressure at 35 psi, but it is running sooooo rich. any thoughts