Fox Rust Issues

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Mustang Master
Dec 18, 2013
Also the rad support area, all the areas, floor pan, rad support has new replacement stampings, the torque boxes can be reinforced with a kit - there are several - but if they are rusted through thats a big concern. Ttops are very desirable.... can you weld? do you have a garage/shop where you can do the work?


Mustang Master
Dec 18, 2013
post pics of the rest of the car too, engine bay, under carpet/seats, Ttop area etc

John Dirks Jr

5 Year Member
Jun 28, 2013
The pictures show what looks like surface rust. The kind that happens from a car sitting not used for extended periods. Not serious structural cancer but it can be a PITA when you're working on it with rusted fasteners and all that. And if you don't tackle it it will only get worse over time. Is this car from a rust belt state?

That's just what the pics show. As others stated, there can be other areas not shown in the pictures that might be concerning.


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SN Certified Technician
Nov 28, 2015
With just though pictures, I would say you're golden for the floor board and in to the torque box area.

like @mikestang63 said, check the shock tower area. Post pictures. You will want to look at the frame area in particular where the shock towers mount to. Take the front wheels off and look at the frame rail close to the shock tower. Have a small screwdriver that you can use to poke any of those areas to see if it's rotted out.

Like @Mstng93SSP says, check the cowl area insides, and the hinge area for the doors, specifically the lower hinge area as it meets up to the rocker.

He has a little black paint sprayed by the driver's front floor board, look that over and also check out the front of the passenger foot board area where that rust is. It's hard to tell from the pictures.

T-tops usually will have rot in the rear footwell area. Yours look good from the pictures though.

Look under the spare tire, stick that screwdriver behind the rear wheel area of the undercarriage and feel with your fingers along the same area on the outside of the car. If it feels soft, you'll have some fixing to do.

All in all, based on those pictures, it looks pretty good.

Does it run and drive?

How much is the owner wanting?
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