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big T

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Feb 25, 2004
Hawaii, oahu
I used the hypertech tune option set for 93 octane, but we only have 92 in Hawaii. I know hear a very slight pinging/knocking sound from the engine when I accelerate. What causes this and am I damaging my car in any way? Would a octane boost additve help or even a gallon of race octane fuel mixed with the 92 oct help as well. I would hate to put the stock tune back cause the car runs much better with the hypertune.
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that pinging you are hearing is detonation, and yes it is hurting your engine, i ran 87 octane (like an idiot) :bang: when i first got my predator and it was pinging like crazy, read the book and it said the pinging was detonation, topped tank off with 93 and put in octane booster and it stopped, but thats gonna get expensive after a while so id suggest backing off the timing unless u wanna make the owner of your local auto zone a rich man.