Roush Saleen Died


Founding Member
Oct 24, 2000
San Antonio, Texas
Hello all,

While I was driving my car, it died (power) . I put another battery in it and got it started. I then disconected he positive termanal and the car died. I am pretty sure that this is a bad alternater. Do our SC cars have any higher amp alternater?? Or is it a regular GT one...


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It's not a good thing to disconnect the battery on the newer cars with all the electronics. Best way to check the alternator is to put a meter across the battery with the engine running. It should read 14.4v or there abouts. Shut the engine off and the battery alone should read 12V. If it reads below 12V with the engine running, then the alternator is bad or you have a short somewhere. Alternator should be the same as the GT.
I removed the battery cable after I jum p started my old car and it burned out some electronic part on a car I used to own. I can't remember what part but I had to replace that part & the altenator. Many auto parts places have a machine to check batteries & altenators without have to remove them from the car.