School me on clutches.....


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Jun 12, 2006
Palm Harbor, FL
My car has recently received a new clutch installed last spring, but with me saving up for some performance upgrades-Full exhaust and by Christmas hopefully a power adder and my recent promotion and given a company car (Im only 19!) the 'vert will see alot less time on the road.

So I figured I would go ahead and purchase a clutch and other needed components to be installed and broken in before the boltons and boost arrive.

I was looking into clutches, but with this stang being my first Manual, I really dont know jack about some brands and how they work.

I was recommended Spec by some import buddies and a fellow stanger. They said with the power levels after boost that stage 2/3 would be perfect.

Now in looking at Stage 2 is Kevlar while Stage 3 is a 6 Puck....the only real difference that Im scared about is another one of my buddies fried a Kevlar doing a burnout with a linelock on his SN95.

School me :SNSign: on Kevlar, 6 Puck, drivability and so on....

BTW what affects pedal feel?

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