Scored 347 shortblock for $850


Dec 24, 2007
Bells, Tx.
Scored a good deal on a 347 stroker kit, the kit is new with forged Probe pistons, Scat forged I-beam rods, and Scat crank. Got the kit along with a nice machined roller block all for $850! Already had the Trickflow heads, just need a gasket kit, cam and lifter set, and pushrods, and ill be set. This kit alone sells for around $1100 on CHP website. Ill post pics of block later!

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Keep it and save for a great 4 main bolt block, might as well you have alot to lose if you don't. Well not alot but with forged stuff you might as well. Just incase you want boost!:D

Nice buy, I'm jealous, very very very jealous.