Scored a few deals tonight!


This last 25% is foreign territory at this point
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Nov 29, 1999
managed to score a few good deals tonight, so i thought i would share.
Most of these deals came from my friends drag car, but theyre exactly what im looking for.

Competition Engineering 3 way adj Shocks (going to use lakewood 90/10s up front, my friend cut a few >1.5 60fts with this setup) just have to give him some time to get new shocks and remove these for me, i think hes going with some 10 ways-$100

Full exhaust from another friend whos going turbo and cant use these parts anymore: MAC Longtubes, 3" x pipe, with some race bullet mufflers that im probably going to sell (also going to sell my 2.5 H-pipe, Mac Shorties and 10 series flows so this exhaust will be nearly free. All for $400, its a good deal in my eyes.

a pair of 165/15 tires for my 3.5 draglites, hes switching to the new MT design- $100

Now just need some UCA/LCAs, and get everything back together and installed and we'll be good to go!
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