SCT 2 Problems


New Member
Jan 13, 2007
Lake Charles, LA
Installed tune and stays in limp mode...:shrug:

I get a soft mech. CEL, but resets itself after turn car off.

But, 50ft down the road, driving easy... jumps back into limp mode
(seems to hit rev limiter at 4K???):bang:

ANY advice greatly appreciated.

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First try disconnecting your negative battery terminal, then reconnect after 20 min. so your PCM resets itself and then reinstall your custom tune..If you get the same error codes again ? try erasing the codes and see if they come back..If they do ? you'll then need to contact your tuning dealer, let him know about the codes and more than likely, he'll need to e-mail you a revised custom tune file for you to download into your X-CAL II