Any thoughts? 03 4.6 2v


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Feb 25, 2023
Ok, so I may have fixed my leaking water issue from before in my last post. Turns out the top rad hose would hold pressure at idle, but under throttle it would leak out under the hose clamp up by the thermostat.

Now I'm noticing the clatter it's making. It sounds like it's starved of oil under the valve cover on that side. Kinda seemed like it may be coming from the front of the block too, not completely sure yet. May be air leaking out somewhere from a head gasket failure too, not sure if I've fixed the water loss issue yet. I just found that leak and it idled longer than I've let it yet and stayed cool. Burped a slight bit so only took a half gallon or so more water after cooldown.

Edit : Took it out, lost no water. Waiting on cooldown to see if I need more or not. May have just needed burped.

What are the chances it'd be a clogged oil restrictor versus actual valvetrain damage? I read a comment on a YouTube video that said people will use tap water as coolant and that destroys a gasket around the oil filter on 4.6 engines.

Update : Just took it out, it's losing ground or something when moving. The tune that was on it has been deleted according to previous owner. He says that's why it bucks when taking off in 1st gear. When it starts bucking, the theft light comes on and the dash will go wild. Speedo goes full tilt, rpms fluctuate, and it bucks like a damn bronco.

Why would it do this? The theft light will flash and it'll seem like it's in limp mode unless I VERY slowly ease off the clutch to take off.

Here's a couple videos I just took to show my issues. The clatter under hood seems to get a little quieter after warm up, but it not be any different.

Cold start showing the noise

Here's what it does when driving


Here's after the drive when warm


Here's a couple revs and short idle

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