SCT and disableing EGR and O2 now disabled

Jeremy Martin

Oct 26, 2017
So from talking to American Muscle today they said that starting, as of last week, SCT is pushing out tuner firmware to disable the ability to disable 02 and EGR. I said so could I just take my X4 to an SCT tuner and they could do it? He said so long as I don't update my X4 to the latest firmware that was just released then its possible. He said however the SCT dealers and tuners have been trained to not allow that option in the even if the tuner device supports it. I didnt ask about if the SCT tuning software that the tuners and dealers would have to write the tune is also going to be updated to remove that ability to disable that on their end in a tune for an SCT tuning device.

I know how everyone has a thing about Bama tunes but thats not what im getting into here. I just wanted to share some info I received today.
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