SCT Badge

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Personal preference. I think it takes away from a "clean" look b/c it didn't come that way. I don't even really like all the badges that come with the car to be honest. Plus you could be getting married to it (or the mark it will leave) if you put in on the paint.

But it's your car. If you like it go for it.
The way I see it...unless they paid me for it, I'm not gona put their name on my car. I even blacked out the Ford oval on the trunklid. I like the clean look:nice:

But I do have Borla, G Tech, hooker, and MSD stickers on my laptop:shrug:
I put mine on my laptop. My laptop has the huge SCT badge, a summit racing sticker, steeda sticker, accufab sticker, b&m sticker, and k&n sticker. Hey, I needed to get the rice out of my system somehow!

Putting a K&N or Summit sticker on your car isn't really "rice". They are both American companys and the first and ONLY cars I have seen with Summit stickers on the windows were muscle cars from or before 1974. I dont think its a case of "rice" but rather a case of making the car look tacky.
bottom side of the trunk