WTB/Trade Searching for the one I regret selling, 2001 Zinc Yellow GT


Mar 11, 2010
Austin Texas
This is a long shot but might as well try. Looking to see if I can find my old 2001 Mustang GT that I had to sell a few years back.

2001 GT 5-spd, zinc yellow, with Terminator hood and a Tork Tech Eaton swap kit. VIN: 1FAFP42X51F119027
Searching for the VIN I found an old listing I put up so this will provide pictures until I can get on my old computer and grab some.


Last known whereabouts was eastern/central Alabama and that was circa 2018.

So anyway, if you made it this far you probably want the story. I was changing jobs and needed to downsize so I ended up selling it to a friend. He did give me right of first refusal but I wasn't in a position to buy it back at that time. Well things have changed and I do have a 2020 GT but I still miss that car and get back to building it. Anyway, thanks for reading and let me know if anybody knows where it is.

I'm located outside DC now and willing to travel or have it shipped.
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