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Dec 7, 2018
Cincinnati, OH
"New" seat connection - help!
Hi Folks:
I'm a fairly new member here; I've been lurking around and learning how to do some things to my 07 GT and until now didn't have a lot to add or something to ask that I couldn't find. Until NOW. So seats in my GT were shot, spent a bunch of time looking into what to do. Good bad or indifferent I decided to purchase a take out set. Bought them from OEM Car and Truck Seats - good folks; but I'm a little surprised they didn't have this one figured out.

Here is what i have - my car had airbags and the driver's seat was power and power lumbar. New seats are exactly the same - well almost. My car has a twelve pin connection (see photo) and the new seat has a sixteen pin connector (see photo). My connector - from car - has 12 pins but only 6 wires - the seats have 16 pins but only 12 wires. OEM Car and Truck seats provided me with new connection to match the seats but I've got 6 wires going into 12 wires??? And by the way non of the colors (of wire) match up. So questions are.. 1) How to get these seats to work with my wiring harness? 2) What are the extra wires for from the seat? Seems as though OEM's answer to these is that Ford changes connections all the time even through model year that's why they include connection. Thank God the air bag is a separate connector so I shouldnt set that off inadvertently - I hope! Oh yeah and the passenger seat is fine connection works as shipped from OEM.

So ANY help would greatly be appreciated!



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Jan 25, 2020
I bought my 07 Mustang in November and the seat on the driver's side has never worked. Fortunately, it's all the way back. I am tall and long legged. If it wasn't, I'd have never bought it. I'm not really concerned about it myself, it's comfortable where it's at. And it's a good excuse to limit who drives it. "You're too short and the seat doesn't move. and I don't have any of those blocks for the pedals. So sorry Charlie!" LMAO!!


Jun 16, 2019
You will propably have to get a wiring diagram for each connector and splice wires appropriately.