Sebastian's NEW LOOK-CDC chin spoiler & Boss 429 hood scoop

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I would have left the chin spoiler mine :shrug:

pumpkinfish said:
Which spoiler did you two get? The classic or aggressive? Also, how are they held on? I am planning some exterior mods and was on the fence about a chin spoiler until I saw both of these pictures.
It is the classic. Took 10 minutes to put on once I painted it. 4 screws, 2 pushpins and 3M tape holds it on.
Can it be made functional?

I guess the hood scoop can be made functional if it was molded to the hood, I dunno. Actually, the underside of the hood has an area already outlined for a Shaker system, you can see it if you take the black covering off from the hood's inside.
I love it. The spoiler is a definite plus and the scoop looks very nice too. Not quite my style though.

I am going with this, possibly a pair. On my Black car, I will bond it on and keep the CF finish.


I will mount is Asymetrically (Off center and to the left above the master cylinder). It will seal against the Procharger inlet once we build a box.


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