SES light


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Feb 11, 2002
While working on the car, I dropped a socket. To get it out, I had to remove the intake piping(plastic part) and then unplug one of those gray plugs.. In all honesty, not sure what it does, provides power to the spark plugs?

Anyway, I go to start the car after putting the intake back on and the SES light comes on, and the car is ticking. Then I realized "OH ****" I forgot to reconnect that gray plug, so I must be misfiring. Stopped the car, reconnected, ticking is now gone but SES remains. I'm resetting the ECU right now (unplugged the battery, waiting 15 mins now for the system to drain), but if it doesn't work what should I do?

Also, did I cause any harm by doing this?
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When I changed my plugs I missed one of those and left it disconnected. My SES light came on, flashing! After resetting the PCM there were no problems. You should definitely be fine here...