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What does your TPS get set on and how do you set your TPS? I have a spare one and i'm going to put it on the car tonight after work to see if that fixes my problem. I cleaned the MAF the other day with CRC MAF cleaner and it seemed to have got worst now! Still no good ideas from no one either :mad: peace

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You don't adjust a nonadjustable sensor by design. The mythical setting at .999 vdc is that.... a myth. The EEC automatically sets its working range and minimum value as long as its closed throttle position is between .5 and 1.19 vdc (.7 - 1.1 vdc provides for any temperature/voltage variances w/out causing a failure code to be logged). IOW..... the system will behave exactly the same if the TPS minimum value is .7 vdc as if it's 1.1 vdc.
Correct. The system just takes idle voltage and signals wot at 3.5 volts above hay. Just set it around .9 to avoid throwing a code since it needs to be in the range specified above
Ok so the 2 screws that hold it to the TB need to be loose so i can turn it till i get those readings? Also red probe off meter to what wire on TPS and same with black probe to what? peace


the second procedure used the green wire and ground (chasis), and the third procedure and one that I've seen use the green wire and black wire, what is the correct way to measure the voltage? I've done the two ways and gives me different values
It doesn't say on any of these, but you will have to slot the holes slightly to get it to adjust.

YouTube - How To Adjust A TPS On Your 86-04 Ford Mustang
Oh wait, it gets better! The fool is doing it on an sn95!
Personally, I know that adjusting my valve covers gives me an additional 80+HP, and 100+MPG. But, the exact adjustment depends if my car is NA, turbo, or super charged. :D

Seriously, Joel did a very nice write up on another website. However, the #$#%$ stangnet filters won't allow that url.

So, the following Google search should help: :)
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And, my old TPS FAQ:
Mustang TPS FAQ

But, I just taught computer control system design and do it for a living. So, WTF do I know? :)

BTW: The actual code for the fox and sn95 EEC-IV's have been widely available for ~10+ years. If people don't believe Joel and me, then find a grade schooler that knows assembler (yea, they are around, scary for people like me!) and have them look at the code. Heck, for less than $50, they can even download the code that is in any Fox or sn95 EEC-IV. No secrets, no magic.

Gotta go. I just read on the interweb where if I tilt my radiator by 2 degrees, it makes the water flow easier, which means less work for the water pump, which means another 30+HP gain and 50+MPG gain. Yippie! ;)
What is your car doing?

It's acting like i let off the throttle and then back on real quick. It only does it when warmed up and it does it at ANY speed,gear or RPM. I ran both KOEO and KOER codes and got nothing! I checked all my plug wires,plugs,put a new cap and rotor on. I'm lost i have no clue! This all started one day out of the blue did it a few times (twice) in like 1-2 miles, then now it's got worst. It will do it constantly in about a mile distance it will do it about 10-20 times! I even tried my buddies crane coil which is perfectly fine! Any ideas????? peace