Shelby Razor wheels rub on lowered cars???


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May 3, 2006
I had my heart seat on the 20" Shelby Razor wheels, but then I saw some sales sites "Razor wheels might rub on lowered cars"...Anyone have a set on their stang that has a 1.5" drop? The wheels have a 24mm offset and are 20x9...
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Just ordered them from Les Schwab. They are on backorder, but I'll settle for the wait. I'm picky when it comes to the "right wheel". According to what I see, the 20's are ony about 2lbs heavier than the 18. I hope this is really true because my biggest hold back on 20's was the weight issue. I like the flush look, but I'll settle for no rubbing :D
In theory YES they would. The 24 makes them stick out or sit even w/ the fender lip.
The 20's and 18's are the same width and if you use the correct tire the OD would be the same.
The difference in 24 and 40 is about 5/8 ths of an inch.
That is the whole reason for them making another size. To fit are gen. Mustangs
Old thread, but those of you keeping up the Shelby Razor Wheels, they are now available in multiple offsets. American Racing was bought out by another company recently as of about 2 months ago so we have seen some changes but you can indeed still purchase the 24mm and 40mm offsets. Furthermore, these are still available in the 20" and 18" in the higher offset you guys mentioned.

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To me it would seem that if you "drop" the height above the wheel/tire than you're going to limit the travel of your wheel/tire as it goes up and down (especially when you hit a pothole, dips, etc.) only makes sense that the "travel" going up will be diminished and you're certainly going to hit/rub the top portion of your fender well. This could translate into damage, etc.