short block rebuld.


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Nov 25, 2003
well what started as a clutch project has went further. with the trans out i can see it needs a new rear-main seal and a oil pan gasket. if i have to put in a new rear main seal and oil pan gasket should i just put in a new oil pump???? the motor is still in the truck and i dont want to pull it.250k on it now and doesnt smoke or carryon but i am paranoid about these small things.Is the rear main seal a pain to get out?? i dont have to pull the crank to get it out do I????
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Jun 8, 2003
Buford, GA
No you won't have to pull the crank. Just change the rear main seal, pull the pan, change the gasket, check the pickup tube for crud and clean if necessary, slap it back together and keep on rockin. If it ain't broke...


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To change the rear main, you just run a couple sheetmetal screws into either side and use them to work the old seal out. Then you gotta knock the new one back in there, with a mallet and something to force the seal back in around the crank.

Anyway I wouldn't rebuild it unless the oil pressure sucks...