Should I invest the money or naw?


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Jan 14, 2019
Sup guys. I got this 98 gt with 189k non op odometer. The throwout bearing is out and it needs a clutch. With labor and parts it'll cost about 600 to fix. My question is should I just sell the car? I spent about 1800 buying and fixing lil things so far. The car is fun and engine sounds and runs good for the most part.It got a really small engine leak. I just dont know how much longer this car will hold up considering the miles it got. I would like to know what yall think. Thanks
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Feb 18, 2001
Depends. Are you having to contract out and pay someone to fix everything that breaks on the car? Or are you DIYing most repairs?

If you have to pay each time it breaks, i'd sell it. One or two major repairs and you've spend what you probably could have picked up a cleaner, low mileage car for. Those 96-98GT's are bottomed out for pricing right now, so you can get a deal on one if you look around.

If its a project car, then by all means keep it.


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Jan 14, 2019
Depends. Are you having to contract out and pay someone to fix everything that breaks on the car? Or are you DIYing most repairs?

I dont have the experience nor the tools necessary for replacing the tranny clutch. If its internal engine parts that break I dont feel I would want to fix it myself. However I'm replacing the rear end clutch pack and replacing rear drivers side wheel hearing. True true. How long can I drive with a bad throwout bearing out of curiosity? Also just wanna say I appreciate your reply


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Jan 14, 2019
Not sure I really have real advice since if given a chance I tend to keep my cars for extended periods of time. I just crossed over 245k in my 2000 GT.
Awesome! Makes me feel a bit better about my car. What major repairs have you done with your gt? Also do you recommend lucus synthetic oil additive due to the high miles and also what oil weight do you use or recommend for me? Thank you


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Aug 14, 2009
Houston Texas
What major repairs have you done with your gt?
How about a whole salvage yard motor and rebuilt drive line?

I brought the car with a locked up motor. The timing chain guides had broken and the pieces of plastic fell into the oil pan. This blocked the oil pick up thus starving the top end of oil. Needless to say the original motor was toast.

The original motor was a casualty of the original owner's poor maintenance and ignoring problem signs. So again I'm not the best case to compare because technically it has taken two motors for me to get to 250k miles. But...... I do hope to make an additional 100K on top of the current 245k. My intent is to completely use up the car and walk away from it.
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