Show me a pik of your Taurus elec. fan...

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Sounds wrong - Mine came from a 3.8 1993 Taurus and it has a 3 position female plug - HI, LOW & ground - it has a flatter design and fits perfectly upside down with my 3 core copper radiator and just drilled a hole or two to mount the factory overflow bottle to it and used some radiator zip ties to secure it to the radiator and a $20 Advance Auto Parts store supplied adjustable thermostat switch to turn it on - total cost less than $50 from the junk yard and parts store... Works PERFECT!!! but it does pull some serious current use a 40amp inline fuse - I use a 3g alternator modified to put 200amp out at peak and 90amp at idle. Car never gets hot
no good? i can't say that cause i never had it on my car long enough to tell. once i realized it wasn't the right fan, i was looking for the 3.8 fan instead. i do have the 3.0 fan on my 4 banger DD car. it does a fine job cooling that thing, but it does have 4 less pistons.
It'll probably work ok, assuming you don't have any other cooling issues. A buddy of mine is running a 5.0 with N2o, and uses a hard wired chevy cavalier fan.. works fine for him.