Side Exhaust Progress w/ pics


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Apr 26, 2002
Dropped off the stang to get the side exhaust made. I ended up going with Dynomax race bullets for the mufflers. It was either that or the magnaflows, but after talking to them, they said they would be about the same db level and they were larger. Besides the fact that the dynomaxes were cheaper.

Little more expensive than I had wanted to pay for it but in the end I think i'll be happy. It's getting finished today so hopefully tomorrow I can stop by and hear it and take it for a spin.

Everything is just tac welded up right now so its not the final fitments. Onto the pics:










Clearance is about a half inch lower than the rear sway bar. Its hard to really see how it is in that last pic as its a bit too dark but looking at it, it looks like it shouldn't be a problem.
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Looking great Ryan! Looks like I will have some exhaust decibel competition at Carlisle, lol.

I'm probably going to have my exhaust redone later this summer sometime. I need to pick up a new pair of Stingers or at least do some tigging on the bottom to repair them (they've drug over a few too many things and aren't looking too great anymore) and I'd like to do subframes. I like the notch they incorporated into yours, I'll probably steal that idea :D

I'm interested to see how loud it is with those bullets. A local guy had a setup fabbed up using Loudmouth 1's and it was too much for him, but I actually think bullets are more mild than LM1's, lol.
thanks guys. Guy called me last night and said it is done so after work, i'll be going to check it out. I did a before video of the old mac catback and i'll take a vid of this one too and post them both up. The guy says is sounds awesome.

Adam: the shop is called Precision Chassis in Pottstown, PA. It's right down the street from the Philadelphia Premium Outlets off of 422. It shares a building with my body guy so it works out great for them two to talk about how to make it work with the side skirts.
Update: couldn't get a video because it was in the shop and parked in. He was already working on the side skirts. I was able to start it up and it sounds mean. my allergies are in full swing and as such my ears are pretty closed up but still, it didn't seem that loud at idle. I revved it a bit to like 3k and it wasn't that bad. Should be done with the body work by the end of next week but most likely it will be sooner.

Hollywood: Not really photo worthy at the moment, its covered in body filler dust and the side skirts are duct taped on.
Got the car back! sounds and looks fantastic. I couldn't be happier. Its not that loud at idle and cruise, but when you get on it, it screams. I'll get some vids up then, but for now here are some pics.