Signal Flasher Location


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May 25, 2003
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Ok I FINALLY got my blinkers to work. Turns out it was a bum flasher. The problem I had was 1) Every part store I went to kept giving me a Hazard Flasher (Located in your fuse box under the kick panal) No one could find the P/N for the signal flasher...some even denied its existance. 2) I COULD NOT FIND THE DAMN THING! So to all those out there who run into this problem. The signal flasher is a blue plastic canister (same size as the hazard flasher) and it is located to the left of the steering column under the dash. You have to stick your head under the dash next to the fuse box to see it, a flash light helps. You can replace this flasher with a replacment HAZARD FLASHER. They are interchangeble. Here are a couple pics of the flasher for reference.



Good luck :nice:
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On 93's its behind the glove box to the right. Before I go asking a parts store what they have. I go to their website and know what I'm looking for before I go in. When i got mine, I looked it up, showed EL12, went to Autozone because it showed to be the cheapest place and didn't even have to ask them which one I neede.
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Yeah thats right they moved them around every few years for some reason. My '93 4 popper is behind the glove box, and on my '87 GT it is under the dash by the steering column like Skoobie described. I have also heard it is behind the radio on some models.
thanks for the help. I have a 91 GT. The flasher is behind the stereo\heater controls, not behind the glove box on my car. Ford used the Wagner DOT 224 flasher as shown in the picture above. I went to Napa auto parts and replaced it with a Thermal Flasher DOT 552 for $3.69. Though the new one doesn't have a hinge in the rear like the one from Ford. So it's basically just hanging there. It's ok as long as it's not bouncing around metal parts.
Thanks for the help! worked out great! now im stress free! anyone else with the problem and has an 87 mustang... try using a flash light and look un der the steering column. its a blue canister!