Simple Tach Question... hopefully.


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Dec 30, 2004
I'm putting all new Autometers in the fastback. So I took out the pedestal mounted Autometer tach from the car and put it in the Bronco. Here's my problem.... where do I put the signal wire? In the Mustang it went to the coil. The instructions for the tach say to go to the coil or the "tach port" on the modern ignition system. Does that mean the computer? Oh yeah, forgot to mention... the Bronco has a 1991 Mustang EFI engine. Please help... I do NOT want to put that wire to the wrong place and fry the tach. A pic of where to put it would be a HUGE bonuse!!! Thanks.

Oh, and since I'm on the wiring subject... the Mustang job is going well. But the volt meter gauge isn't happy with what I thought was the factory wire. Should I just run a new wire... if so... where to??

Thanks for your help as always!!
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Alright.... I admit it... I'm an electrical idiot. What is a "B+" location? Any ignition switched power wire? A wire from under the dash? Maybe the old power wire from the radio?

Any clue on the Bronco tach wire location?
B+ = battery positive. There are dozens of them, but the closer to the actual battery itself the more accurate the measurement.

You're on you own on the Bronco, dem newfangled EFI setups are too complcated for me!