slick? 8.8?

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I have made many street passes with my nitto DR's (therefore I can't give you an exact 60ft. time but I would guess about a 1.6-1.7) and have had no problems yet with a totally stock rear with 4:10's and a T-5 leavining at 4k rpm's. I am pretty sure that the stock carriers go before anything else.
I had a 93 notch with stock rear and 4.10's. About 450hp with a s-trim and 3500 rpm stall runnin e.t. streets and never had a problem with rear end. Did start pullin bolts out of the lower torque box on driverside though.
Rearends are and easy fix i would make sure you have torque boxes reinforced though. Can get cheap set on ebaymotors if you type in torque box.