SN 95 Brake guys, 5 lug guys, I need help again!


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Jan 31, 2002
Assonet, MA
Hey guys. I've been searching the net for the last few hours, trying to figure out a key part of my 5 lug conversion with SN95 parts: The brake lines. I want to do stainless steel lines, but the maximum motorsports ones are too expensive. I saw Russel sells them, but it seems as though they only have the ones with the big block on the end, so it won't work with SN95 calipers. Does anyone know of any stainless steel brake lines that will work with SN95 calipers that aren't 150.00? Any other options would be appreciated too. I can't contact Matt90gt, or I'd get his adapter and use 95 brake lines and be done with it. Thanks.
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Jul 30, 2002
East Hartford, CT
MM Front Hose Kit with 1994+ Cobra Front Brakes (fine thread fluid bolts)
MMBK6F (M10 x 1.0 fluid bolts) 2 $79.95

how is that 150 bucks? thats a damn good deal on hoses that will fit. Unless you have the 94-98 GT calipers, they might not fit.

I have the 99+ PBR calipers and they work with those. Not sure on the 94-98s